Blackhawk Booster Club

Our Mission

The mission of the Blackhawk Booster Club is to promote athletic excellence, good sportsmanship and character building relationships among athletes, coaches and parents at the Middle School and High School in the district of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Through quality athletic programs, Fort Atkinson will continue to graduate students that possess not only high academic standards, but skills in leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, self discipline and ethical behavior. We pledge to main a safe, courteous and fair environment for the benefit of athletes, coaches, officials and spectators.

Goals and Purposes of the Blackhawk Booster Club:

  • Support, promote and maintain a high standard of integrity and good sportsmanship in all athletic activities.
  • Promote and encourage better attendance at all sporting activities by parents, friends, students, faculity and the community.
  • Promote and encourage more young men and women to get involved with athletics on all levels.
  • Raise funds to be disbursed in accordance with the decisions of the Board.
  • Coordinate the activities of this corporation, its members and committees with the needs of the overall athletic program.
  • Organize volunteer services, where practical, in an attempt to hold down expenses to the athletic department.
  • To make the community aware of the positive aspects of athletics that develops the student/athlete into a whole person.